Administration Menu is Missing Due to StackOverflowError

Document ID : KB000123063
Last Modified Date : 21/01/2019
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StackOverflowError errors occur when creating a virtual attribute referencing a calculated attribute. This then causes major issues such as preventing the Administration menu to appear for any user and the remaining menus from being clickable.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Create a custom attribute on the Project Object
      Name: Aggregated1
      ID: ab_aggr_abc_ab
      Data Type: Aggregated
      Result Data Type: Number
      Current Expression: AGG_Sum(change.effect_on_schedule)
      Filter:     ( Change Request Status = 'Open' )
2. Create a second custom attribute on the Project Object
      Name: Date1
      ID: abc_datedate_abc_abc
      Data Type: Date
3. Create a third custom attribute on the Project Object
      Name:  CalculatedDate1
      ID:     xyz_calcul_dates_4_y
      Data Type: Calcualted
      Result Date Type: Date
      Current Expression: DateAdd(abc_datedate_abc_abc,"Day",ab_aggr_abc_ab)
4. Create a Custom Object that is subobject of the Project Object(custom object id: ab_test_objectt_cdef)
5. Under this Subobject, create a new Virtual Attribute using the attribute created on the Project object on Step3 (having the same Name and ID as the attribute on step3 as well)

Expected Result: No error is thrown in the logs or the UI
Actual Result: An generic error occurs in the UI, and a java.lang.StackOverflowError error is thrown in the logs. The application menu's will also stop responding once the user logs out of the application and back in.  
Caused by DE45965
DE45965 has been tentatively scheduled to be resolved in our upcoming PPM 15.6 release.

In PPM 15.6, if a calculated attribute directly/indirectly depends on an aggregated attribute, it will no longer be possible to create a virtual attribute on the subobject mapped to the calculated attribute of the parent object. When creating a virtual attribute on the subobject, the calculated attribute will no longer be available for selection. 

If you are running into this issue, please contact CA Support for a workaround.