Admin Console - Change VMWare UMP metrics template

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When configuring the vmware probe via the Admin Console (AC), and the template editor, the "UMP Metrics" template is applied by default.

As this is an out of the box default template it is not possible to edit it, but unlike the other 2 default templates it is active and applied to all profiles when they are created

This document discusses why this is and what you can do to override this if required.


When configuring the VMWare probe via AC you need to decide if you wish to use templates or not. Templates are configured via the template editor. In order to use the template editor it is necessary to enable bulk mode before you create any profiles.

Once bulk mode is enabled, and a profile configured, the VMWare probe will immediately begin sending QoS Metrics and Alarms without any further configuration.

This is unexpected if you are used to configuring the VMWare probe via Infrastructure Manager (IM) as, when configured by IM, it was necessary to either apply a template or manually configure the probe for QoS and Alarms.

The "UMP Metrics" template is configured to drive all the UMP Dashboard portlets and the decision was thus made to enable this by default with AC in order to ensure the User Experience in UMP was complete. 

It is possible to override this template or even disable it. It should be noted that doing so will have an impact on the UMP dashboards and could lead to empty portlets.

Please follow the instructions below if you are happy with this


Preventing the default template from being applied

  • After ticking the "Enable Bulk Configuration" box you can un-tick the box "Apply Bulk Config Default Template". This will prevent the Default "UMP Metrics" template from being applied

Overriding the default template

  • Once you have enabled bulk mode enter the template editor and create a copy of the "UMP Metrics" template.
  • Give your copied template a Precedence value lower than 100. (a template with lower precedence is applied first) and activate it.
  • You can now edit this template and turn off any alarms or QoS for monitors that you do wish to use.
    • Do not un-tick the "Include in template" for these monitors, they must be included in the template in order to override the default.
  • Once saved this custom template will override the default.
Additional Information:

The template editor is documented here.