Adjusted Timesheet not showing in PPA WIP

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Last Modified Date : 13/01/2019
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 Adjustment Timesheet does not post to WIP when financial status is closed when 1st adjustment posts.

Follow these steps exactly.
I used two projects for my timesheets.

1. Create and financially enable 2 projects
  - Open for Time Entry
  - Track Mode PPM

2. Add a financially enabled resource
- Make sure the resource is in the rate matrix so transactions will post
 - Open for Time Entry

3. Create one task on each project and assign the resource 

These are the timesheet steps:
4. Create a timesheet and add the two tasks from the two projects
5. Make sure the Charge Code and Input Type code are populated
6. Add hours for a few days on both projects/tasks
7. Submit/Approve/Post Timesheet
8. Verify in Invalid Transactions
9. Post Transactions to Financials (Verify gone from Invalid Transactions)
10. Post to WIP - verify transactions are posted

Adjust timesheet:
11. Adjust one line on the timesheet and remove the hours (zero or blank value) 
12. Submit and Approve Do not post yet
13. Take off time entry and close financials for the project that you removed the hours 
- Not sure if Time Entry is relevant but financial status is.
14. Post Timesheets
15. Check Invalid Transactions - Entries should not be in there as Financial Status is closed.

Adjustment timesheet #2
15. Open the project for time entry. DO NOT Change Financial Status - Remain Closed
16. Adjust the timesheet again and add hours back to the project 
17. Submit, Approve, Post again
18. Check Invalid Transactions - Entries should not be in there as Financial Status is closed.
19. Open Financial Status on the Project
20. Post Timesheets again

Expected Result: The two adjustments show in invalid transactions so the original timesheet gets credited

Actual Result: Only Adjustment #2 is in Invalid Transactions. This causes WIP to have the Original Transactions and the #2 Adjustment transactions with no credits inflating WIP.
Reported as defect:  DE42990
Fix targeted for 15.6