Adding volumes on mixed pack types to CA View Database

Document ID : KB000068503
Last Modified Date : 01/11/2018
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Is it possible to have View Database extents on different pack types?

For example if our database is allocated on MOD-3 packs, can we add an extent on a Mod-9, Mod-27 or Mod-54 pack? 

CA View - All releases

A SARDBASE ADDDS can be done (to add an extent) on a CA View database on another pack type (those with the same track geometry (for example, Mod3, Mod 9, Mod27 and Mod54 volumes)), and the extent can have whatever BLKSIZE is desired.

Database extents can be allocated to a mix of the devices. 

For database extents that are allocated at 4369 or fewer cylinders, the datasets will be allocated as a direct access data set. 

For database extents in excess of 4369 cyls, the datasets will be allocated as physical-sequential datasets due to IBM restrictions. 

The maximum allocation of a database extent is 32760 cylinders. 

For performance purposes, it is required that the first index extent for a View database (....SARDBASE.I0000001) and the first data extent for a View database (....SARDBASE.D0000001) should not be on the same device.

Other than that limitation, multiple database extents can be on the same volume.