Adding VNM Model in TopOrg View

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Last Modified Date : 07/02/2019
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Using TopOrg views and then to add application models (like VNM, ArchiveManager or OnlineBackup or Locallscpe) to see the Spectrum internal alarming is not possible.
When adding model or container to the TopOrg view this is limited to those which are shown in the TopOrg -> Contents -> Topology Tab :: Here to select "Create Model by Type".

When trying to cut&paste from Universe or via Locater search "any" model into a TopOrg Container this will show a message box reporting:

The following models cannot be added to this view:
<model-name> of type <model-type-name> 
     <<< OK >>>

Copy to TopOrg fails with Message-Box

We are using Toporg and now we do not see the Alarms on the VNM and Locallscpe. I've tried to copy the VNM model to the TopOrg but that seems not to be possible. How is it possible to also see all the VNM alarms when the TopOrg is selected?
This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms.

This is functioning as designed - not any model could be copied into TopOrg View.
 Workaround via manual setup / using CLI to create "association"

./create association rel=Owns lmh=<mh_org_container> rmh=<mh_application>
Additional Information:
The CLI tool is a utility to directly manipulate the SpectroSERVER database and any action could become critical. 
When starting CLI this message is shown:

WARNING:  CLI is a powerful tool that allows a user to make changes
directly to the SPECTRUM knowledge-base without the error checking
provided by OneClick.  Please read the accompanying CLI user
documentation before using the create, destroy, or update commands.

CA strongly recommends to create a SpectroSERVER database savefile (OnlineBackup file) before using CLI 
accessing and modifying the Spectrum database.