Adding Software Installation Records Via Command Line

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I add application installation records from the command line. Can I create records for software that I do not have packages for?



CA Client Automation - All Versions 




You can use a command like the following to create a CA Client Automation  Software Installation Record from a CMD prompt

NOTE: You run this on the agent machine you wish you see an application installation record on. You CANNOT run this for machines remotely!:

sd_acmd AddInstallRecord "<application name>" "<application version>" "<install procedure used>" "<date>" "<time>" "" ""

Here is a functional example:

sd_acmd AddInstallRecord "McAfee VirusScan Enterprise" "8.5.0-A" "Local Install" "current" "current" "" ""

If you do not have a current package for the software above, OR if the info typed is not an EXACT match with an existing package

(Both package name AND specific version number), a new package entry will be created under 'All Software' in DSM with a 'magnifying glass' icon to identify it as a detected package rather than an existing one.

Once you run this command on an agent, a file called 'detfile.swd' will be created which will be processed and deleted after the agents next job check.

This is what allows the install record to populate to the DM (via the SS if there is one involved).