Adding comments in the CA Automic Web Interface to restarted jobs not possible

Document ID : KB000092345
Last Modified Date : 23/05/2018
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In Automic Web Interface (AWI) it is not possible to add comments to jobs which were restarted. 
It is possible to enter a comment (and press either the button "Add Comment" or "Add comment & Close") but the comment is not saved. Therefore, when reopening the comment afterwards the newly added input is not available and visible.

Adding Comments:
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Reopening Comments:
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A bug has been fixed where comments could not be added to restarted tasks. Comments could only be added to their original executions, i.e. reference. The system attempted to add comments of restarted tasks to their RunID, and not to their reference RunID. However, comments of restarted tasks are always registered to the RunID of the root execution, i.e. the very first execution that has been restarted. The AWI now extracts the reference RunID and adds the comment to that.
Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Automic Web Interface (UI)

Fix Version(s):
Automation Engine 12.0.5 - already released
Automation Engine 12.1.2 - planned release date: 2018-05-23