Adding CA-Panvalet members using unique Language types.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article will discuss and demonstrate how to add CA-Panvalet members with Language types other than the 16 types that are always available.


PVOPT(s) ZTYPE1 through ZTYPE8 unique Language names.

In CA-Panvalet the normal Language names have been around for decades. These are AUTOCODER, BAL, ANSCOBOL, COBOL, COBOL-72, FORTRAN, PL/1, RPG, OBJECT, JCL,DATA etc... and CA-Panvalet has a few extra that may be used such as OTHER, USER1 and USER2. But with the new technology new flavors of compilers and updated languages with more functionality have arrived. Take COBOL, it was COBOL VS, COBOL11, COBOL LE. So if you are converting some of your older COBOL members and or writing new COBOL members using the newer COBOL you could not give it a new Language name other than what was available. You would have to use the same name COBOL, or use one of the USER1 and or USER2 and change the name that will display when a directory list is requested.


You can use the ZTYPE1 through ZTYPE8 entries defined in the CA-Panvalet Options PVOPT macro to identify a NEW Language Name.

A good example would be your normal COBOL and new written or converted COBOL members to COBOL LE. You would want to be able to identify the converted COBOL members and or newly written COBOL LE members.

To do this take ZTYPE1 and set it as such; ZTYPE1=(COBLE,COBOL).

What this does for you is now when you add a member you can specify COBLE as the Language type and it also will display as COBLE. When you request a directory list of your CA-Panvalet members you will be able to identify which are COBOL LE programs and which are regular COBOL members because now you will see COBLE and COBOL as the language types.

I call this feature Language Like, because what happens is the new Language Name is treated as the Language that you entered second. So in the example above COBLE Language types being added and or updated will be treated as COBOL members.

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