Adding and editing a TSV in the Resource list generates an HTTP 500 error

Document ID : KB000009079
Last Modified Date : 20/04/2018
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When a custom TSV is added to the Resource list and it is edited using the grid, the change does not get correctly saved and it throws an HTTP 500 Internal Server error when another edit is tried.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new Time Varying (number) attribute in the Resource object.
  2. Go to Home > Resources and click on Options > Configure.
  3. Go to List Column Section > Fields > New and select "Time-Scaled Value"
  4. Configure the TSV to include 1 period, "Start of Next Year", Save.
  5. After saving, select option "Allow editing".
  6. In the Resource list, for any row, enter a value and then Save.

Expected Results: The value is saved and displayed back.

Actual Results: Right after clicking on Save the value will disappear and after double clicking on the same row, an HTTP 500 Internal Server error will appear.

This issue has been reported for CA PPM 15.3.

This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE38597.


This issue has been fixed in CA PPM 15.4.1.