Add "Windows Services" ntservice probe error in UMP

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Last Modified Date : 07/01/2019
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When in UMP and attempting to add a new "Windows Services" profile we get an error:
"Profile Type unavailable because the ntservices probe is not in the local archive, does not have a valid license, or is missing other dependencies."
Windows Services - ntservices - MCS error
UIM 8.51 sp1
mon_config_services probe 8.5x
Either not all of the dependencies are present in the archive or the Windows device(s) for which you are trying to deploy a profile to, are behind a firewall.
Verify the "ntservices" probe is in the archive.
Verify that all dependencies for the nt_services probe are in the archive (such as "vs2017_* runtime).

If it still fails, then validate whether this only happens or robots connecting to a secondary hub and if so, configure as follows.
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Access the Configuration Service Options profile if you want to configure advanced options, such as proxy settings. The advanced settings are:

  • Configure probes immediately: This option is selected by default and applies only to device configuration profiles. This option allows the Monitoring Configuration Service to apply device configuration profiles immediately to a target device. When this option is not selected, device profiles are applied to a target device on a timed interval (named device_interval). See the mon_config_service Key Value Reference probe article on the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes site for details about the device_interval key value. 
  • Enable Callback Proxy: This option allows USM to communicate with devices when firewalls are used in your environment. Some of the profile types require data from probes. Selecting this option allows the mon_config_service probe to act as a proxy for all callback requests.

Follow these steps:

  1. In USM, select a group or a device and then click the pencil icon.
  2. Select the Edit Monitoring Profiles tab.
  3. Expand Administration in the left panel.
  4. Create a configuration profile if you do not see a profile.
    1. Hover over Configuration Service Options and click '+' to add a profile.
    2. Select the Configure probes immediately option.
    3. Select the Enable Callback Proxy option, if firewalls are used in your environment.
      The address of the primary hub appears in the 1st Callback Proxy Address and 2nd Callback Proxy Address fields.
    4. Leave the address of the primary hub as the 1st Callback Proxy Address.

    5. Enter the address of the secondary mon_config_service probe that is used for failover in the 2nd Callback Proxy Address field. Enter the address using the format:

      Note: If you do not have a failover Secondary Hub, leave the address of the primary hub in the 1st Callback Proxy Address and the 2nd Callback Proxy Address fields.

  5. Create the profile.
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