Add SUSPEND Attribute Other Than ASUSPEND?

Document ID : KB000053303
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a way to add a SUSPEND attribute (not ASUSPEND) to an ACID so the Help Desk staff with MISC8(PWMAINT) administrative authority can remove the suspend and does not need MISC8(REMASUSP)?


There is no way for an SCA ACID to add a different suspend attribute, however, for CPF and recovery procedures, CA Top Secret allows the MSCA ACID to add the different suspend attributes such as PSUSPEND, VSUSPEND, and XSUSPEND. When an ACID gets suspended because of too many invalid passwords, on the recovery file a TSS ADD(acid) PSUSPEND is recorded.

Although this functionality was not designed for this, it can use it to satisfy this request. XSUSPEND indicates the ACID was suspended from the installation exit. For the ACIDs in question, the MSCA can issue TSS ADD(acid) XSUSPEND. Then the Help Desk staff, with MISC8(PWMAINT), could issue TSS REM(acid) SUSPEND (or TSS REM(acid) XSUSPEND) to unsuspend the ACID if needed.

NOTE: Only the MSCA can add the XSUSPEND attribute. No other acid types can do this.