Add JCL to the module source using IDMSDDDL

Document ID : KB000025046
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When trying to add jcl as part of the module source statements using IDMSDDDL, the operating system interprets the jcl instead of passing them to the IDMSDDDL compiler as module source. The IDMSDDDL step receives message: W DC601076 END OF FILE ENCOUNTERED BEFORE END OF SENTENCE.


There is a DDDL option - JCL CODE -

    Specifies whether a dollar sign ($) in the first column of module source or EDIT clause input will be recognized as JCL or input data.
    Specifies that a dollar sign in column one of module source or EDIT clause input is to be translated to a slash (/) when it is stored in the dictionary.
    Typically, this option is used to ensure that the operating system does not interpret input data as JCL.

Here is an example of input to the IDMSDDDL compiler:

  SET OPTIONS JCL COD IS $.                                            
  QFILE NAME IS OLQBATCH-JCL-ABC VERSION IS 1                                 
     DESCRIPTION IS 'ONLINE QUERY BATCH RUN JCL'                             
     PUBLIC ACCESS IS ALLOWED FOR ALL                                        
     MODULE SOURCE FOLLOWS                                                   
  $/ JOB DBA-OLQB         --- OLQ BATCH ---                                   
  $/ LIBDEF PROC,SEARCH=FMCSHD.IDMSF2,TEMP                                     
  $/ EXEC PROC=OLQBTCH