ADA to APM integration not showing advanced metrics

Document ID : KB000095607
Last Modified Date : 13/06/2018
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I installed and configured the ADA to APM integration tool. The agent shows up in APM but no metrics are visible.

The logs do not showing enhanced metrics being transferred to the EM
Here is from the ADA-APM connector log
4/26/18 02:07:00.703 PM EDT [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [ADAConnector] utcStartTime: 2018-04-26 14:00:00 -0400
4/26/18 02:07:00.703 PM EDT [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [ADAConnector] utcEndTime: 2018-04-26 14:05:00 -0400
4/26/18 02:07:00.720 PM EDT [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [ADAConnector] Completed getting the list of Networks and Servers in 17 ms
4/26/18 02:07:00.720 PM EDT [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [ADAConnector] callEnhancedMetricsByTime - Started executing concurrently...
4/26/18 02:07:00.720 PM EDT [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [ADAConnector] callEnhancedMetricsByTime - Execution completed.
4/26/18 02:07:00.720 PM EDT [INFO] [pool-1-thread-2] [ADAConnector] Completed EnhancedMetricsByTime operation: 0 ms
ADA 11.02 / APM 10.7
Adding fixed ADA Connector dll to take care of an issue with the enhanced metrics 

1) Reviewed the environment further and identified the root cause of the issue, which is ADA is not able to process the R*.dat files within the last 5 minutes interval. 
2) Provided the ADAConnector.jar fix by changing the interval look up to 10 minutes old. After deploying the fix in the Linux environment, the metrics started reporting as expected.