Active Upgrade job AXACTUPG for CA Datacom/AD version 15.0 does not have a step to copy the old MUF Startup Options to the new SYSIN.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The instructions in job AXACTUPG used for the Active Upgrade process in CA Datacom/AD say:

//*  10. Use the same startup options as the CA Datacom/AD Version    
//*       14.0 MUF. Copy 14.0 SYSIN(AXDATIN1) into the 15.0           
//*       CAI.CHLQ.CUSMAC(AXDATIN1). There are no changes required    
//*       to the startup options with 15.0.                           

Also, this same instruction is given in the Installing section of the CA Datacom/AD DocOps space, under the topic "Modify and execute the CAI.HLQ.ACT.INSTJCL upgrade JCL members" where it says:

4. Start the CA Datacom Version 15.0 candidate MUF.  

. . .

Change the STEPLIB (CUSLIB and CAAXLOAD) to use the 15.0 libraries. Change the SYSIN to use the same startup options (AXDATIN1) input from the 14.0 MUF. EOJ the 14.0 MUF and start the 15.0 candidate MUF.


Is the AXACTUPG supposed to do the copy of the SYSIN, or how do we handle this?


The instruction #10 in this job is meant to be a manual process, as clients can (and do) place their SYSIN statements for the MUF Startup Options in other files, or even instream in the MUF startup itself. This is just a reminder here when running the customization job, that you have customization of the MUF startup to perform as well.

You can use ISPF 3.3 to copy the AXDATIN* members to the "new" version 15.0 PDS, or you can use whatever method will best allow you to use the same Options in this new MUF.

Additional Information:

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.