Active_flag from ci_mdr_idmap not updated via GRLoader if inactivated manually

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Last Modified Date : 28/02/2018
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After manually inactivated a record in "Federated CI Mapping" and load again the CI (twa), the entry in "Federated CI Mapping" is not updated (it is still inactive).

1. Login to Service Desk Manager as Administrator. 

2. Navigate to 'Administration' -> 'CA CMDB' 
->'MDR Management' -> 'MDR List' 

3. Create a new 'Management Data Repository(MDR)' 
with the following information: 

Button Name: ITCM 
MDR Class: ITCM 

4. Create a 'comma separated value' 
file(FILE.csv) with the following information: 

testCI,testCI,Unix,IBM Corporation,IBM 8233-E8B,,0,testFedId 

5. Run the following command to write into 
Transaction Work Area(TWA) 
grloader -s http://localhost:8080 -u <user> -p 
<pass> -lttwar -ad mdr_class=ITCM -ad 
mdr_name=ITCM -iia -e LTTWA_CIs_Errors.xml -nm 
-slump -P -nospinner -csvf FILE.csv 

6. Run the following command to update the 
Configuration Item: 

grloader -s http://localhost:8080 -u <user> -p 
<pass> -iia -I -nm -n -a -slump -P -nospinner 

7. Navigate to 'Administration' -> 'CA CMDB' 
->'MDR Management' -> 'Federated CI Mapping' 

8. Set inactive the register (federated_asset_id = 'testFedId') 

9. Execute the step 5 and 6 again 

10. Navigate to 'Administration' -> 'CA CMDB' 
->'MDR Management' -> 'Federated CI Mapping' 


The active flag was not updated for the configuration item (federated_asset_id = 'testFedId'). 

Is this by design?
CA Service Desk Manager 14.1
CA Service Desk Manager 17.0
CA Service Desk Manager 17.1
The entries in Federated CI Mapping are not directly controlled by grloader. So, the entries cannot be activated or inactivated directly from grloader. 
When you deactivate the CI, the Federated CI Mapping entry is also deactivated. 
So the correct way for customer to activate the Federated CI Map entry is to inactivate the corresponding CI too and then run the steps (update via grloader). Once the CI gets activated (or updated), the underlying code that runs when a CI gets updated will take care of updating the Federated CI Mapping entry too.