ACIDs Suspended With LOCKTIME On TSO Facility.

Document ID : KB000054055
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When LOCKTIME 015 is set on the TSO facility, a user's terminal will lock after 15 minutes of inactivity. In Netpass at the ISPF command shell, the user types unlock and the password (when prompted) and the user can resume work. However, when in Savers or split screen or some other areas, a user will get locked. Unlock, TSS unlock or typing enter results in a suspended ACID. Why is the user getting suspended without a chance to unlock the terminal?


LOCKTIME under TSO does not work the same as it does under CICS where once you have exceeded your LOCKTIME value, on the first security call the user will be prompted to enter the password in order to unlock the session. Under TSO, once the user's terminal is locked, a security call will result in a violation. Depending on the application, if the user is not given the chance to issue 'TSO TSS UNLOCK', then the user could hit VTHRESH and become suspended. For TSO, instead of using LOCKTIME on the TSO facility, it is recommended that the session manager's LOCKTIME be used.

Additional Information:

Please see the CA Top Secret Control Options Guide for more information about LOCKTIME.