Account Settings: Proxy - Usage and Description

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am unable to find information relating to how to use the Personal, Account Settings: Proxy subpage. It does say "This proxy applies to action items only", but I am unable to find this functionality described in any manuals.


This is how the functionality works:
The Proxy functionality for Action Items allows a Resource to temporarily re-assign Action Items to another Resource for a specified date range. This provides the Resource the comfort of knowing that the action items that have been assigned will be managed by another Resource while he is away from the office for vacation, etc.
If someone has designated you to be a Proxy, the Proxy page will show your name listed.

Resource A is going on vacation. Resource A designates Resource B to be a Proxy for 1 week.
Resource B logs into the application and goes to the Account Settings > Proxy page. This page will show that Resource B is a temporary Proxy for Resource A (and any other Resources so designated).
During this time period, all assigned action items to Resource A will appear on the Action Items portlet for Resource B.

More Information:
Reference  TEC439270: When a proxy is set, does the functionality route timesheets to the person designated as the proxy for a supervisor responsible for timesheet approval?