Access to a Private Dashboard not possible for other users

Document ID : KB000095193
Last Modified Date : 09/05/2018
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If a user creates a Privat Dashboard, only this user can access this Dashboard. It is not possible for an Administrator or a System User to delete, edit or e.g. or move this Dashboard Object. How can these restrictions be overcome?
When a user creates a Privat Dashboard, read-, write- and delete-rights on object level are set for this user for this dashboard automatically. E.g. user TEST/TEST creates a private dashboard, the Object Authorization tab shows:
User-added image

Dashboards are always created with these object-level permissions. These rights distinguish between a Public Dashboard (visible for all users in the client) and a Private Dashboard (only visible for the user that created it). Without these rights (this entry in the Object Authorization tab), it is a public dashboard every user can access.

Thus, the dashboard can only be edited and deleted by the user who created it. Also, Administrators and Super Users cannot access these Dashboard Objects.

However, this only applies as long as the user exists in the client. If the User Object is deleted, all authorizations on object level this user ever created are also deleted. Then another user can delete the leftover dashboard.

That is the intended behavior and these restrictions cannot be overcome.