ACC Controller controller generating new files with different mask

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Last Modified Date : 18/10/2018
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When we change some properties related to the IntroscopeAgent.profile file the ACC Controller applies the changes however the new file has now a different mask:

-rw-.--.-- root root

Since this file is owned by root and the application server uses a different user then the agent configuration is not accessible for the application server.
Is there a way we can define or overwrite the mask?

APM Command Center
The ACC Controller applies to the files the same mask used for the user who installed the controller.
One possible workaround is to add line "umask 022" into script (e.g. insert it as second line). This will ensure all files and directories created by controller are readable by other users.
Disadvantage is that other local users in the Operating System will have access to files created by Command Center controller (including log files).

Other possibility is to run command center controller under same user as monitored application which is described here:
But this only works for single user. If there are two or more users running the monitored applications it will not work.