About creating a new Agent environment by duplicating disk to disk.

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Is it possible to construct a new Agent environment by duplicating disk to disk?
Create a new Agent Environment in the following way.
Back up the server where the business server on the SAN area was installed to the backup volume with disk to disk.
From 1 backup volume, restore to disk with disk to disk.
With the network disconnected, start a new server and change the OS side setting such as the host name.

The questions are as follows.
Will creating a new Agent environment by the above method will guarantee the operation as a product?
If A is guaranteed to operate, please tell us what work and cautions you need as product, such as setting change and file deletion.
If operation is not guaranteed, I will try to reinstall the agent (uninstall the Agent after installation) after replicating with disk to disk for each OS.
Is this method guaranteed as a product?
If C is certified, please tell us what work and cautions you need as a product during reinstallation.
APM 10.x Agent
The Agent in the environment restored by D2D can be recognized as the environment equivalent to "Validate and Deploy the Agent Configuration" in "Agent Deployment Guidelines", so if the environment of the OS and application server is well developed , Agent will run without problems.
-------- Validate and Deploy the Agent Configuration ------------------
Deploy a validated configuration by installing the IntroscopeAgent.profile file and modified or custom PBD files to the target environment.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------
Reference URL: "Agent Deployment Guidelines"

Please note that the IntroscopeAgent.profile file contains predefined settings and customizations.
It is necessary to modify IntroscopeAgent.profile for new environment.
Also, please make sure that the description for starting the Agent of the application server's start script is suitable for the new environment just in case.