About 0901 ABEND on the TRANPORT processing.

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Last Modified Date : 22/12/2018
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When I ran a TRANPORT job, I received 0901 abend from the job. How should I do?
This transport job could run on the z/OS 1.6 env. However, when I ran this transport job on our z/OS 1.10, this 0901 abend occurred in the job.
What cause can the 0901 abend be caused with in a transport job?
Telon V2.1, Telon V2.1, V2.0, V2.1, z/OS, MF, IBM
From the reported info from the old cases, it seems that the some kinds of error may occur in the Telon Vsam.
The following may be cause of the U0901 problem.
1. The chain might be broken by some past operation.
2. The custom cords may have exceeded 2000 lines.
3. The space ampount of the Telon VSAMs may have been tight.

The solution for the above:
For the above 1, the JVERFY and JREORGWK will be effect.

For the above 2, please keep the custom codes within 2,000 lines.
Or, move the custom codes to a PDS member as a copy library member. (And please specify the copy member within the custom code so that it is invoked at the compilation.)

For the above 3, please expand the Telon VSAMs. To expand them, the JREORGPR can be used. (probably, it is contained in the Prefix.INSTALL library.)

Additional info;
TELON KANJI R2.1B had been already the stabilized products. (2.0 has been no longer supported.) So, we can just provide support info based on the reported problem or known info from the past cases.