Abend S0C4-4 in CBRUXVNL

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The CA 1 Version of OAM Exit CBRUXVNL abended with S0C4-4 and got disabled


The Module was not linked with the correct linkage attributes.
The RENT attribute was missing.


Be sure CBRUXVNL is linked


NOTE: it is recommended to use the provided Usermod(s) in the CTAPJCL library for installation of the OAM Exits, which ensure, that the modules are linked correctly.

For installation of the OAM Exits into the DFSMS SMP/E zone only use CTAPJCL member CTSJUCBX.
For installation of the OAM Exits into the CA 1 SMP/E zone and the DFSMS SMP/E zone use CTAPJCL members CTSJUCBN and CTSJUCBR.

For details see Install an SMS Managed IBM Tape Library


Additional Information:

Due to the missing RENT attribute CBRUXVNL was loaded into fetch protected SUBPOOL 251 with Storage Key 8. Since CBRUXVNL is called in PSW KEY 1 the fetch protected Storage with KEY 8 caused the S0C4-4 Abend in CBRUXVNL+02. IPCS STATUS shows:

Symptom             Description                           
-------             -----------                           
RIDS/CBRUXVNL#L     Load module name: CBRUXVNL            
RIDS/#UNKNOWN       Csect name: #UNKNOWN                  
AB/S00C4            System abend code: 00C4               
PRCS/00000004       Abend reason code: 00000004          
REGS/0F002          Register/PSW difference for R0F: 002  


If the module is linked correctly using the above linkage attributes, then it is loaded into SUBPOOL 252 with KEY 0. Since SUBPOOL 252 is not fetch protected it can be accessed in PSW KEY 1 and thus does not result in the S0C4-4 Abend.