Abend in ZDMVPROC startup

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Last Modified Date : 05/03/2019
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11.19.39 STC00966  ZDMV2005E BPX4GTH service failed; return value -1, RC=111 RSN=x'130403E7'
11.19.39 STC00966  ZDMV0095E ZDMVPROC #ZDERROR CODE=0510 issued by ZDMVSERV.ZDMVSCON+0B4C  344
11.19.39 STC00966  ZDMV2024E Consumer connection failed - RC=20  345
   344                       Unexpected BPX4GTH return code
   345                       Message Service Data Mover connection
The error occurs when ZDMVSCON is getting information about a USS process that is connecting as a consumer (a message service). The userid (eg. ZDMADM) under which the ZDMVPROC executes requires specific security authorization
Using your enterprise security product, grant READ access to resource SUPERUSER.PROCESS.GETPSENT in the UNIXPRIV class. 
Additional Information:
Set Up Runtime and Security Privileges for User IDs