AAM Start Parm Question

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Last Modified Date : 09/08/2018
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This is a question about parms used by Advanced Authentication Mainframe.
What is the purpose of each of these files? CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:"${MFA_HOME}"/config CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:"${MFA_HOME}"/mfav1.jar CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:"${RSA_HOME}"/authapi.jar CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:"${RSA_HOME}"/cryptoj.jar
The authapi and cryptoj jar files are the RSA SecuID Authentication Agent API's from RSA (not CA). As in RSA SDK toolkit.
The ./config is not needed... it's an artifact.
The ./mfav1.jar file is the CA AAM java runtime code. It handles all MFA traffic for CARSA, RADIUS, CAPAM, and communicates with the servers (RSA, RADIUS, PAM,etc).
The following STDENV parms are "Java-related" parameters: EDITOR=ed PS1='$LOGNAME':'$PWD':' )' LANG=En_UTF-8 export EDITOR PS1 LANG