A user with clear alarm privilege are not able to clear alarms in SPECTRUM OneClick. (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32048 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A user with clear alarm privilege are not able to clear alarms in SPECTRUM OneClick.


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The Spectrum Admin has edited the Event Configuration for the Alarm to be user-clearable, but the Event Configuration files have not yet been loaded into memory for the changes to take effect.


For most of the critical alarms in SPECTRUM, they are designated as "not user clearable".   A Spectrum Admin user can edit the Event in Event Configuration to change the alarm to be User Clearable



After making the change, the Event Configuration Files need to be reloaded. Access the VNM Model in OneClick and go to the SpectroSERVER submenu. Click Update Event Configuration to reload the configuration files. 



This will allow all NEW instances of the alarm to be user-clearable. Then you could privilege out the ability to clear alarms.


NOTE: To clear the EXISTING alarms, the SpectroSERVER must be restarted. 


The Alarm can also be set as User Clearable by editing the Event Disp files for the alarm manually. In the Event Configuration Guide (see link below) you will see the following section:



Generating an Alarm that is Not User-Clearable


The N flag indicates that the alarm generated is not user-clearable.


<eventcode> E <eventseverity> A <alarmseverity>,<alarmcause>,N


By default many alarms are user clearable. Some Critical alarms are by default non user clearable.



The alarm generated as a result of this event cannot be cleared by the user.


0x3dc0000 E 50 A 1,0x3dc0000,N


If you would like to change this so that the alarms can be cleared, you will need to modify the entry and remove the ,N from ALL the alarms you would need to clear (or you can use the ECE gui) and then Update Event Configuration Files as noted above. Remember the SpectroSERVER must be restarted to be able to clear existing alarms. 




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Causes of this problem:
The clear alarms privilege is superceded by the settings in the trap mapping of the alarm generation.  The privilege either allows users to clear "manually clearable" alarms or to not clear alarms at all.  It is not designed to allow manual clearing of all alarms no matter what.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS32048 )

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