A user is unable to log back into a client session after loosing connectivity due to netwok issues.

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Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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A user is unable to log back into a Java Web Client session after losing connectivity due to network issues. This generally occurs when there is a firewall between the Client PC and the RMI.

The drop in connection results in the RMI holding onto the previous connection and stopping new connections from being made.
Finding and killing the client session as the root user will resolve the issue and mitigate the need to restart the master:

1.  As root, check for a connection on the server using the client PC's IP address:
netstat -a | grep

[root@vwasrsb01 qa4]# netstat -a | grep
tcp        0      0 vwasrsb01.sbb01.spoc.g:7506 ::ffff:  ESTABLISHED

2. As root, Find the Unix/Linux PID for the process that the connection is using the port return from step 1(55964).

netstat -anp|grep :<port_number>

[root@vwasrsb01 qa4]# netstat -anp|grep :55964
tcp        0      0 ::ffff:  ::ffff:  ESTABLISHED 14035/java

3. kill PID using the PID that is returned from step 2(14035).

[root@vwasrsb01 qa4]# kill -9 14035

4. checking the connection will show that the connection is in a FIN_WAIT1 status. The connection will stay in this status for about a minute before closing in which the connection will disappear.

[root@vwasrsb01 qa4]# netstat -a | grep
tcp        0      1 vwasrsb01.sbb01.spoc.g:7506 ::ffff:  FIN_WAIT1
[root@vwasrsb01 qa4]# netstat -a | grep
[root@vwasrsb01 qa4]#

5. Clear Client PC's Java cache
6. Open the web browser and launch a new client session.