A Scalability Server's Agent is not Configured to Point to LOCALHOST, causing Software Delivery Job Container Build Failures

Document ID : KB000029390
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A Scalability Server's agent MUST point to LOCALHOST for the the Scalability Server to work properly

To check where the agent is pointed to, try the following:

  • Run the command: caf setserveraddress
  • DSMProperties > Common Agent > Properties >  Registered to Server


The agent might get accidentally pointed to another SS in the following ways:

  • Location Awareness configuration policy
  • Configuration Policy on Agent set to centrally manage the Scalability Server address
  • Manual change 



Make sure that there is no Configuration Policy causing the Scalability Server's agent to point to another Scalability Server. If so, immediately unseal the policy.

If the change was manual, you can make the change via the DSMProperties > Common Agent > Properties > Registered to server - change to LOCALHOST

If this is grayed out due to the change coming from a Configuration Policy, you can run the below command below to change it back to LOCALHOST:


 ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps "itrm/agent/solutions/generic" -pn   serveraddress -v localhost -manager 


Remember to remove the configuration policy from the SS so that the problem does not recur. 


Note: The usual way to change an agent's SS is with the command CAF SETSERVERADDRESS. This command is not valid on a Scalability Server, so the above methods must be used instead.