A process changes object partition when the process is triggered on a subobject of the project object

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A process built on a subobject of the project object which is linked to its parent project is changing the partition for the parent project


On a system with 2 partitions (e.g.: "a" and "b", plus the "System" partition) 
1. Create a subobject of the Project object using that partition model (e.g.: Business Case, subobject of Project) 
2. Create a new process "set_active": 
3. For the "Object" tab, add as Primary Object "Business Case", and for Partition, "System", and "Partition, ancestors and descendants". 
4. For the "Object" tab, add as Linked Object to "Business Case": the parent object Object Key "thisProject". 
5. Start Options: On-demand 
6. Start Step: Create a new System Action that modifies any attribute of the Project (project.thisProject) object, such as "Set Active = yes". 
7. Make it finish as the next Go-To step. 
8. Validate process and Activate. 
9. Create a new project on partition "a" ("Project1") 
10. Create a Business Case (subobject, "BusinessCase1"). 
11. In the Business Case, go to Processes > Available and run the process "set_active". 
12. When finished, check the partition of Project1


Project1 is in partition "a" as originally set and active. 


Project1 is in partition "System".



Set the partition for the process to the partition that the target projects are in.

CLRT-79176 - Fixed in 14.4 and above.