A New file placed under CA DADS Plus for CICS control fails to allocate and issues message DADSP558.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The client just placed a new VSAM file under CA DADS Plus for CICS control. At startup time CA DADS fails to allocate the file and issues message DADSP558 error code 1708.

A CA DADS Plus online inquiry on the file transaction DADI shows a status of SVC99 FAILURE ON PRIMARY for the file in question.





At this site the systems programming team controls – adds the file(FCT) to CA DADS Plus for CICS due to change control. The applications team does the actual define of the VSAM cluster. The Systems programming team added the file(FCT) to the CA DADS control file DADS01 but the application programming did not define the VSAM cluster. So at startup time CA DADS issued an SVC99 to allocate the file defined to CA DADS but the VSAM cluster did not exist. CA DADS issued message DADSP558 error code 1708 which indicates the  DSNAME NOT FOUND(NOT CATALOGED)


The applications team did an IDCAMS define the VSAM file and the CA DADS online transaction DADA was used to allocate the file to CICS. Before adding a file to CA DADS you should make sure the cluster exists on DASD.