A multivalued attribute is not syncing all values down to the endpoint, only the first value is received.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There is a multivalued attribute in your account template but when the endpoint account is created it only has one of the values that your Global Users have. 

For example: 

Identity Manager user Test123 has a multivalued attribute of phone numbers. PhoneNumbers is a physical attribute on your corporate user, that physical attribute is given the well known name of %PHONE_NUMBERS%. %PHONE_NUMBERS% is linked in the management console to CustomAttribute31 (which is multivalued) and in the endpoint account template the mapping is %UCU31%. In Connector Xpress the phone numbers attribute is also set as multivalued.  

While this all looks correct, the user's endpoint account only gets the first phone number even though the corporate and global users have four different phone numbers in their phone numbers attribute. 

Note: This is most common on custom DYN connectors that are created with connector xpress where this needs to be set up manually.



When mapping multivalued attributes in an account template, an asterisk (*) must be included in the mapping name. 



The asterisk goes after the first percentage sign (%) in the account template mapping. For the example user the %UCU31% mapping must be changed to %*UCU31% in order for all four phone numbers to reach the endpoint. 

Incorrect mapping, only one value will propagate:

2016-06-23 17_02_41-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg

Correct mapping, all values will propagate:  

2016-06-23 17_03_00-leije03-u148958 - leije03-U148958 - Remote Desktop Connection.jpg


Additional Information: 

Please see our documentation for additional information on multivalued attribute rule expressions.