A lot of ncmconfigbucket files under ./data/reporting

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Last Modified Date : 30/08/2018
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Customer sees for OC-Server install under $SPECROOT/mysql/data/reporting a very high number of "ncmconfigbucket*" files. These are aged and the number is constantly increasing.

It appears the bucket*-table logic to read the bucket-files and to process the data putting them into the primary "reporting" database table is not working especially for the "ncmconfigbucket*" tables. CA Spectrum is implemented with many other "bucket"-tables too - the processing for those others are all fine. So seeing only the "ncmconfigbucket*" files are increasing and never cleared/processed.

This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms - and is seen for CA Spectrum R10.2.2 and R10.2.3

Internal OC-ReportManager "ncmconfigbucket*" processing failure.

Manual triggered batch job to clean up the tables (ncmconfigbucket* tables  -  ncmconfigbucket*_*.MYD/.MYI/.frm) while OC/SRM is stopped. Seems this had purged off incorrect ncmbucket-temp data covering "abnormal event-record" with missing config-id-text field/object. Verifying it hat is OK now ..

This problem is currently (August 2018) addressed by DE376099 - and SE is working on this. 

Additional Information:
Spectrum ReportManager Reporting for all other "standard" reports are fine (using CABI).