A file watcher job with a run_window continues running past its run_window.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sample job definition:

insert_job: JOBX job_type: f 
machine: localhost   
owner: autosys
permission: wx   
date_conditions: 1   
run_calendar: XXX_Mon_thru_Fri   
exclude_calendar: XXX_holidays   
start_times: "7:00"   
run_window: "7:00-15:30"   
watch_file: /tmp/foo.out   
watch_file_min_size: 10   
watch_interval: 60   
alarm_if_fail: 1

The sample file watcher job starts at 7:00 as expected but, it does not stop at 15:30.


A file watcher job will not automatically terminate or fail when it reaches the end of a run_window.

The purpose of a run_window is to specify the timeframe during which the job is allowed to start within.

If one wishes a job to terminate after N number of mins, the setting "term_run_time" can be used.

For more details on run_window and term_run_time please review the document, Unicenter AutoSys Job Management Reference Guide.