A few objects in the extract procedure are bypassed because they are migrated. How can I recall them?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Extract Procedure processing that usually bypasses migrated objects can be made to wait on a recall of these objects.
This can be accomplished by setting the HRECALL_WAIT_TIME parameter in the PDA member of PARMLIB to a suitable value.


In an extract procedure, if there are objects that are migrated they will be bypassed. In the output, they are displayed as follows:

TS - creator.tsname                                   Migrated : Object bypassed
X2 - creator.indexname                                Migrated : Object bypassed

If you would like your migrated objects to be recalled, the following options allow you to recall these objects:

PDA parmlib member has a keyword called HRECALL_WAIT_TIME which lets you to specify the number of seconds to wait for a migrated data set to be recalled.
The default is 0 (zero), which means do not wait. The number can be 0, or between 2 and 32767.
A value of 1 means 'recall only', i.e., objects will be recalled without any other processing.

For example, specifying 'HRECALL_WAIT_TIME (120)' will tell PDA to issue the HRECALL and wait up to 120 seconds.

This HRECALL_WAIT_TIME parameter can be overridden by a JCL PARM called HRECALL which indicates whether to wait for an IBM DFHSM migrated data set to be recalled.
HRECALL can have one of the following values:
. N (Default) - Do not wait.
. Y - Wait up to five minutes for each migrated object to be recalled.
. R - Force a recall of all migrated objects in an Extract Procedure without any other processing. Objects that are not migrated will be bypassed.
This option lets you recall all objects at once. Later a submission without this JCL PARM can be used to process all objects.

Following is an example of how HRECALL can be coded in the JCL PARM:


With this parameter, the migrated objects in the extract will be recalled. In the output, the recall process will be shown as follows:

TS - creator.tsname                                              Migrated : HRECALL issued
Collection of TS - creator.tsname                                              - Started
Collection of TS - creator.tsname                                              - Ended
X2 - creator.indexname                                          Migrated : HRECALL issued
Collection of X2 - creator.indexname                                          - Started
Collection of X2 - creator.indexname                                          - Ended

For more information on the HRECALL parameter, please refer to "Chapter 5 - Model JCL" and "Appendix D: Quick Reference" of the CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS Reference Guide.