A cursor declared using the WITH HOLD option is closed after a COMMIT or ROLLBACK instead of remaining open.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A SQL cursor is declared using the WITH HOLD option, e.g. EXEC SQL DECLARE C1 CURSOR WITH HOLD FOR SELECT....

After doing a COMMIT or ROLLBACK the cursor is closed instead of remaining open.

Any subsequent SQL commands against the cursor fail with SQLCODE -135 - INVALID CURSOR STATE.



The WITH HOLD cursor option is a CA Datacom SQL extension. It needs to be activated by adding the following DIAGOPTION card to the MUF startup parameters:


In addition the program must run with SQLMODE=DATACOM. This can be specified as a pre-compiler option or specified in the third option of the CA Datacom Multi-User (MUF)  SQLOPTION startup parameter:


Additional Information:

 Database and System Administrator Guide section Diagnostic Startup Option (DIAGOPTION).