A CA Log Analyzer strategy is receiving message LAE0068E: UNABLE TO LOCATE REQUESTED LOG RANGE IN THE BSDS.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS (PLA) strategy execution is receiving message LAE0068E indicating that the requested log range cannot be located in the BSDS dataset.  What could be the cause of the LAE0068E message?


IN THE BSDS DATASET.                                         
The request log range is not recorded in the BSDS (Boot Strap
Data Set). The program is unable to determine which log data 
sets contain the specified log range.                        



The PLA strategy had not been executed in several months and the required log datasets for the PLA RESUME log range process has rolled of the BSDS.  Another cause may be that a new PLA strategy was created that has never been seeded.



Recommendation would be to seed the strategy to a current Date/Time and then once the strategy is seeded you can RESUME the PLA strategy execution. 

From the CA Log Analyzer - Strategy Services panel used the (S)ubmit strategy services line command next to the new strategy. 

Specify Log Resume ==> A along with Save Results ==> Y and specify a current log range you wish to process in the Alternate Log Range fields. Generate the 
CA Log Analyzer JCL and submit. You will notice that you should only have the START and END fields in the generated control cards without RESUME. 
Run this job to seed the strategy. Once the strategy is seeded with a saved RESUME point the original job with the RESUME = (24) syntax can be run 
and should complete successfully. 

The following is an example of the control cards. The first job would have the following control cards to seed the strategy where you would modify the START / END times to your desired time range: 

SSID = (ssid) 
STRATEGY = (ssid,creator,strategy,SAVE) 
START = (DATE(2016-08-25),TIME(12:00:00.00)) 
END = (DATE(2016-08-25),TIME(12:10:00.00)) 

Then once the strategy is seeded you should be able to rerun with: 

SSID = (ssid) 
STRATEGY = (ssid,creator,strategy,SAVE) 
RESUME = (24) 
START = (DATE(2016-08-25),TIME(12:00:00.00)) 
END = (DATE(2016-08-25),TIME(12:10:00.00))