A CA DADS Plus for CICS batch HPO job queue?d immediately with CICS active instead of running.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A  CA DADS Plus for CICS batch HPO job has been in running in development for several months and runs without error. The first step is a deallocate of a file and the next step requests exclusive control of the file. This week a problem surfaced when running this job. When the batch job is submitted it queue’s immediately as if CICS is not active and ends with a return code of zero. The next step runs and requests exclusive control of the file. Since the file is still allocated to CICS the batch job fails. In the DADSLOG the client then see’s that the batch job is executed the next time the batch interface SCAN interval executes. But by then the batch job has already fails due to the delay in deallocating the file.





The client was using hourglass and batch time forwarding was being used when this job ran.


CA DADS Plus for CICS is not compatible with date warping products.

Date warping products have caused this type of behavior in the past with the batch interface.  CA DADS Plus for CICS DADS uses the APPLID last scan interval date and time stamp and the batch job time and date stamp to determine if the batch interface is active. If the calculation determines the batch interface is not active the batch request queue’s for the APPLID. Then the batch request runs after the batch job queue’s for the APPLID.