A batch program ends successfully but abends in the CA IDMS CV with abort code CKUR and error messages DC201006 and DC027007.

Document ID : KB000004032
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A batch program always completes successfully in z/OS but abends in the CA IDMS CV with abort code ABRU.

DC201006 Vnn T1 CV-Status BE-TaskID Pri FE - ID1 FE - ID2 FE TaskCD FE UserID FE - ID3 
DC201006 Vnn T1 ABRT CKUR nnn 100 BATCBULK xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 

The program already has a FINISH DML statement coded in it so why does it abend?


A CKUR abend is issued by the check user subtask running in the CA IDMS CV when it detects that a batch job has ended without issuing a FINISH.

If a FINISH is already coded in the program then it means that the statement is never executed. If it is an update job, the CKUR abend will cause all updates made by the job to be rolled back and message DC203005 will be issued.

You can verify if the FINISH is being executed by running the batch job with DMLTRACE=ON in the SYSIDMS file. It will print all DML commands issued by the program. Examine the output to determine the last DML statement issued.