REVMGR-20971: Time periods do not exist for the duration of the project

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What does this error message mean?

REVMGR-20971: Time periods do not exist for the duration of the project


This message is generated when creating a new cost plan, populating data from the Investment Team or from Task Assignments.  This message indicates that there are missing Fiscal Time periods for the entire duration of the project. There might be an existing period for the Start Period or the Finish Period, but not for all periods in the date range.  You need to look at the Project Start and Project End dates and ensure that there are defined, active fiscal time periods of the 'Period Type' specified, that encompass the entire project date range.  


If the Project dates can be modified, try changing the dates to fit into existing, active fiscal time periods.  If not, then add more fiscal time periods to allow the cost plan to be created so it covers the project dates.  Alternatively, if you do not want to activate new fiscal time periods, change the 'Period Type' selected on the Cost Plan Create page to use a different set of fiscal periods where there are active periods to cover the dates of the project.

Steps to check Fiscal Time Periods configuration:

  1. Look at the Investment Department OBS Unit to determine the name of the associated Entity
  2. Navigate to Administration, Finance: Setup, Entities
  3. Click on the Entity name, click on 'Fiscal Time Periods' tab
  4. Filter for Active = All ; if there are periods defined to cover the entire date range of the investment, verify the definition of the periods before activating.  If you do not see periods to cover the entire date range of the project, create new periods, verify the date ranges of the new periods with your Financial Administration team before activating.

Additional Information:

Reference TEC1530384Fiscal time periods do not exist, or are inactive for the investment's scheduled dates. Either change the investment dates, or create and activate the missing time periods.

Reference TEC550794 : Is there a way to modify, archive or deactivate Fiscal Time Periods that have already been used?