How can I limit the project manager approval process to select groups?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How would I restrict the project manager approval process from running for everyone? I just want it to run for select group.
I did a save as on the out of the box 'Project manager approval process', as Workflow A.
Let's say I do another 'save as' on it as a new workflow with slightly different workflow. (Details are not important) = Workflow B.
Now, Group 1 needs to have Workflow A run when their users submit timesheets and Group 2 needs to have Workflow B run when they submit their timesheets.
How are instance level rights on the workflow going to help since it is a common object and the timesheet object is not configurable to indicate a specific field or anything?  Do I still restrict it on the process to say certain groups or OBS? Would that configuration then only make the process run for those groups/OBS?


In order to restrict the process to run only for certain group, you can set the OBS in the Process definition.
Create an OBS and assign the 'Process' as associated object to the OBS.
Now when you create a process definition, you can pick the OBS for which the process should run.
Doing this will restrict the process the to run only for that OBS.
So in your example, for workflow A, set the OBS as A and for workflow B, set the OBS as B.
Doing this, the timesheet approval process ( workflow A) will run only when timesheets are submitted by resources in the OBS A Unit.