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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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As part of the CA Dispatch Archive activity when Tape Management System on screen VSGMU210 is set up with option 2, Online TLMS, sample JCL in cai.CADSJCL(DSEXTLMS) gets submitted to run CA Dynam/TLMS JCL procedure CATINQR to update tape volsers with an appropriate expiration date.

It will happen each time the current tape gets full or the archive task is shut down.

Archive task is either internal and runs as a task within the Dispatch (CADSDISP) address space or external and runs in its own address space (CADSXTAR).


VSGMU210-------------- Sysgen Archive Control Information Screen -------------


COMMAND ==>                                                                  

Archive Task Options:                                                         

    Opt Taskid  Current Volser/File      Current Volser/File  Class    Dest  

 ==> _  ARCH1  Tape ==>              Optical ==>                R           

 ==> _  ARCH2  Tape ==>              Optical ==>                R            

 ==> _  ARCH3  Tape ==>              Optical ==>                R           

      S - Select                                                             


Retention Options:                                                           

 Tape Gens ==>       DASD Gens ==>     2 Optical Gens ==>                    

      Days ==>     7      Days ==>    15         Days ==>     7              


SMS Class Options:                                                           

      Data ==>            Mgmt ==>            Storage ==> X                  


General Archive Processing Options:                                          

 Archive Resource Utilization SMF Record (0=None or 129-255)  ==>   0        

 Encrypt (Y/N) ==> N            Key Interval (001-365)  ==>   0              

 Bundle Reprint Available Media Sequence (N or T,D,S,O) ==> N ,   ,   ,      


 Tape Management System ==> 2    0=None         2=Online TLMS    3=Batch CA-1

                                 4=Batch TLMS   5=Batch RMM      9=98000     

With this option, the Archive task will submit the JCL found with DD TLMSJCL which usually points to cai.CADSJCL(DSEXTLMS). 

Although the CATINQR step completes with RC00, the volume in the CA Dynam/TLMS does not get updated.              

As provided in the CADSJCL library DSEXTLMS looks like:     

 //DSEXTLMS JOB --                                                     
//STEP1 EXEC CATINQR                                                  
//SYSIN DD  *                                                         
This is not correct; the program that runs with TLMS procedure CATINQR reads input statements from DD CAIIPT instead.                         
Without changing SYSIN to CAIIPT in sample JCL DSEXTLMS, the volsers will not be updated with the appropriate retention date in the TLMS VMF.

Make sure you update sample JCL DSEXTLMS with the expected //CAIIPT DD * statement as a replacement for //SYSIN DD *. 

Refer to the CA Dispatch User Guide for the Report Administrator and the CA Dispatch Systems Programmer Guide for the details about working with CA Dynam/TLMS for Online - Option 2.

Refer to the CA Dynam/TLMS User Guide for the complete details about running JCL procedure CATINQR.