Clarity: Error 500 - Submit Cost Plan as a new Budget for Approval when Start Period is different than existing approved Budget Start Period

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When you have an existing, approved Budget and you submit a new Cost Plan of Record for Approval, if the new Cost Plan Start Period does not match the Approved Budget Start Period, an Error 500 is generated.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to Clarity

  2. Home > Projects > Create a new project (schedule dates 1/1/12 - 12/31/13)

  3. Associate the project with a Department OBS Unit so Cost Plans can be created

  4. Create a new Cost Plan (COSTPLAN1) with a few fiscal periods (ie. Jan-2012 to Mar-2012) and populate with Planned Units and Planned Costs data

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

  5. Select the Cost Plan and submit for Approval as the first Budget (BUDGET1)

    Figure 3

  6. Approve BUDGET01

    Figure 4

  7. Select the existing COSTPLAN1 > Action Menu > Copy Cost Plan > setting the new cost plan fiscal periods to be shifted so as not to start in Jan-2012. (ie. Apr-2012 to Jun-2012)

  8. Set the new COSTPLAN2 as the Plan of Record (POR)

    Figure 5

  9. Select COSTPLAN2 > Action Menu > Submit Plan of Record for Approval > Fill in the name, ID and Description of the new Budget

    Figure 6

  10. Click 'Submit for Approval' button

    Figure 7



  1. Navigate to COSTPLAN2 > Properties page. Change the Start Period to be the same as the Start Period on the existing, approved Budget Plan (Jan-2012) - doing this will make the plan have the additional periods ; you can add planned units and planned costs if you want or leave it. When this plan is submitted for approval, the new budget will update all periods.

    Figure 8

    Figure 9

  2. Select COSTPLAN2 > Action Menu > Submit Plan of Record for Approval > Fill in the new Budget Name, ID, and Description. Also, change the Start Period to MATCH the existing Budget Start period

    Figure 10

  3. Click 'Submit for Approval' Button

    Figure 11

  4. The new budget is 'Submitted'. The Start Period can be changed now before you approve the new budget

  5. Open BUDGET2 properties > Change the Start Period to Apr-2012 > Save

    Figure 12

  6. Now you can approve BUDGET2

    Figure 13

Resolved in Clarity 13.1 Generic Patch. Reference TEC581256
Resolved in Clarity 13.2

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