32bit Java clients are not supported with Spectrum 10, but can they be used in certain situations?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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32bit Java clients are not supported with Spectrum 10, but can they be used in certain situations?



64 bit clients are required to take advantage of the increased capacity of Spectrum 10, but if the additional scale of 64bit is not required, the 32bit Java client should perform adequately.  A 2GB heap size is the common limit for a 32-bit JVM on many operating systems. Having said that, the 32-bit JVM cannot be that large on Windows (from 1.4 to 1.6GB), and can be larger on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (around 2.4 to 2.6GB depending on version).   If this is exceeded, the client will no longer launch until a 64bit client is utilized.  


As documented in the Spectrum wiki, System Requirements for Installing CA Spectrum, Spectrum 10 does not officially support 32bit java clients, as they have not been QA tested due to inherent limitations that apply when using them.  If performance issue are seen on 10.x using 32bit java clients, CA support reserves the right to request that the same problem be reproduced on 64bit, before being investigated.  


Additional Information: 

If a 32 bit client is used then OneClick, users should not download the Java version offered on the Spectrum Oneclick Administration page, as it is available in 64bits only. A suitable 32bit version of the jre-8uXX-windows-x64 file should be used in its stead. Likewise JCEUnlimited Strength Files, should not be used with 32 bit clients, so 10.00.00.PTF_10.0.001 will need to be installed, to allow clients to run Java without installing them.  Please contact CA support to obtain this patch.


Symptom: Unable to run OneClick client without JCE Unlimited policy file installed.

Resolution: Allow OneClick client to run without JCE Unlimited policy file installed, disabling minor functionality that requires AES256 encryption.

(361503, 00093316)

(365240, 00093316)