2 Jobs - Second job does not wait until the first job finishes

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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2 Jobs - Second job does not wait until the first job finishes

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Hi, I have a workflow with two jobs. First job is SQL procedure that dosome extract data and put them in CSV file. Another job is simple script thatsend that CSV files to some email address. Problem is that in a same time startSQL procedure and script send email. I don't understand why my second job don'twait first to end. My command for send email is:


:SET &MAIL# =SEND_MAIL("mail@adress",,"Subject","Body","Attachment")


I have the same problem when I try to replace procedure with job thatping localhost. Any ideas?


Does the second task, the Script than contains the SEND_MAIL function,have its Attributes tab, Runtime Parameters, Generate at runtime option checked? If not itwill execute the script statements at activation and not when the actual task isexecuted.


Hi, thanksa lot, now everything works fine. I've solved problem when I check optionGenerate at runtime.


This affects all versions of Automation Engine and Operations Manager