1st 2 pages of report misaligned with CA Spool Xerox Transformers

Document ID : KB000100162
Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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We thought we were at the point where we could implement the CA Spool transformers for Xerox reports in production. We turned the feature on and need this resolved ASAP. We have a series of reports that are not aligning properly. The 1st 2 pages are misaligned, but the 3rd page looks pretty good. To see what the report would look like with more pages, I copied the production report data, repeated pages 1 to 3 after page 3 and then generated a report to CA View. Pages 4 and 5 look just like pages 1 and 2 - misaligned. The data used to create the report in View $51PRT1.TXT is attached. When I print the data from View to the JES spool and extract it to a dataset it compares exactly to the source. Also attached is $51PRT1A.TXT which was created using SARBCH PRINT to a dataset, and the transformed PDF saved from the Web Viewer, $51PRT1.PDF
The program creating the report is in error and not the fault of any part of CA Spool, Web Viewer, CA View or the Xerox transformer.
Additional Information:
It is a best practice to scrutinize data, especially for control or other out-of-the-ordinary characters which may skew output. Also, it would be atypical for the Web Viewer to display, save or print reports/files formatted differently than how they are stored in CA View or transformed.