1. How to report on IDMS CPU for batch jobs using SMF.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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1.  How to report on IDMS CPU for batch jobs using SMF.

All IDMS CPU would be reflected in the SMF type 230 recs. 

So, if a batch job executes, and does work in the batch region, this cpu time in the batch region would be reflected in the type 30 rec, and the IDMS CV work done on behalf of the batch job would be reflected in the type 230 record. You would have to use the IDMS task name to identify the job. All batch jobs come into the IDMS CV as Task code RHDCNP3S, unless an IDMS task code is added to the sysgen, and that task code matches the batch program executed. 

Also, you might want to run the Task Detail perfmon report. This includes the cpu time for all the tasks. You would need to run PMSMFEX to extract the SMF records and then run the reports against that. 


2.  Also if a batch job accesses IDMS locally in non-CV mode, would an SMF 230 record get created? 

No, it would not. 


3.  We are also wondering what indicator we could look at in the 230 to know if the record was created from a batch job, or from an online transaction. 

To my knowledge, there is no indicator. The only way to identify it would to look at the task name.