17.1.RU1 loading message missing at refreshing a table

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Last Modified Date : 22/02/2019
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Earlier(14.1) when a table on a form gets loaded, a 'loading' popup appears. For the user to know such.
In 17.1, that popup does not appear anymore.
Browsers involved are Chrome, IE and also FireFox.
Defect DE45830 has been created for this. To be worked on by our Engineering Team.

Several patches have been made available, to be applied on top of SC R17.1.RU2. 
The order of patches then is: 
1. 17.1 RU2 (most likely already applied) 
2. T6D9412 which is 17.1 RU2 Inc1 
2. T6D9421 with prereq T6D9412 (Loading message missing at refreshing a table) 
3. T6D9422 Current Fix with prereq T6D9421 (Form Onload timing issue slowness and Pending actions is not cleaning up issue) 

Please apply the attached patches in the above order and let me know your findings. 

IMP Note: 'clear' the Service Catalog environment, after all patches have been applied: 
1 Stop the CA Service Catalog services(Accounting and Catalog). 
2 Empty/clear the %USM_HOME%\view\translets folder. 
3 (re)move the %USM_HOME%\logs\*.log files. 
4 Clear the browser-cache. 
5 Start the CA Service Catalog services(Accounting and Catalog). 
> Especially, steps 2 and 4 are important.
Additional Information:
Repro scenario:
1. Login to the SC-UI.
2. Open a request with the 'Table' component.
3. When it takes a while, the table stays 'empty' and the 'loading' popup does not appear.
4. Causing the user NOT to know what is happening.