17.1-cannot login USS GUI after upgrading to 17.1

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Last Modified Date : 02/12/2018
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We  finished USS upgrade to 17.1 , but after upgrading to 17.1 , we cannot login USS GUI anymore
Unified Self-Service  17.1 

The USS authentication is not configured correctly , especially  when you upgrade or install USS  while EEM is hooked with external LDAP 
A.  If USS is not set to use EEM for authentication yet ,  You can do the following so that you can at least login USS GUI as CASMAdmin  and  then will be able to do authentication configuration .

1.     Under <USS Home>\OSOP\ folder , make a backup copy of portal-ext.properties file first .
2.     modify portal-ext.properties file , set the following two parameters :

default.admin.password=< give the password in plain text> 

3.   recycle USS service
4.   you should be able to login USS GUI as CASMAdmin with the password provided above    

B. If USS is set to use EEM for authentication already ,   you may need to temporarily disable EEM authentication for USS . You can do the following : 

1) in USS_MDB , make a quick backup copy for PortalPreferences table : 

SELECT * INTO PortalPreferences_backup FROM PortalPreferences 

2) query PortalPreferences table : 

SELECT portalPreferencesId, ownerId, ownerType, preferences FROM PortalPreferences WHERE (preferences LIKE '%eiamadmin%') 

3) . Manipulate the value   in preferences column above , and change  the following entry   from true to false 

You ONLY need to set above true value to false , It will disable your current USS from using EEM for authentication 

4) Restart CA Unified self-Service service 

5) then you should be able to login USS's control panel GUI via URL :
             http://<USS server>:8686/group/control_panel
as CASMAdmin ( the password is the one hard-coded by you in portal-ext.properties file previously  mentioned in A above ) 

6) Once you can get into USS control panel GUI as CASMAdmin , you should be able to see  portal settings -->authentication --> "EEM" tab . From there , you can provide the EEM information and re-enable USS to use EEM for authentication , what is important : you can specify USS administrator group information there correctly this time then so that  the userid you want has the USS administrator privilege once USS is enabled to use EEM for authentication ( Note :  any user which belongs to that  USS administration group and which USS can find it in EEM will have USS administrator privilege then when USS is enabled to use that EEM for authentication )