17.1.01 Policy driven approval process with group assignment

Document ID : KB000124261
Last Modified Date : 09/01/2019
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Running with approval procces by using Service Catalog policy driven process.
When a requestor opens a request that is configured to use policy, the request is not visible at the approvers screen.
In other words, the request does not appear in the approver's 'Pending Actions' list.
Defect DE44887 has been created for this. To be worked on by our Engineering Team.
Depending on the results of the analysis, the solution for this is possibly to be expected as a patch or fix or a future release.
In other words, there is no permanent solution at this time.
The issue is currently being researched.
Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. 
Additional Information:
Repro scenario.
In SC, login as 'spadmin'
Admin>Users, create two users: requestor and approver.

In EEM, login for 'Service Catalog' Application.
-Create 2 groups: REQUESTORS and APPROVERS.
-Set user=requestor to group REQUESTORS
-Set user=approver to APPROVERS

In SC, login as 'spadmin'
In Catalog>Offerings, set 'Analog/Fax Line' for 'policy driven approval' and save.

In Catalog>Policies, create two policies: 'TestAssigneeUser' and 'TestAssigneeGroup'.
The condition for both policies is the sema:
$(anySoWith('status',lteq, 800) && _.request.requestedByUser.groups == 'REQUESTORS')

The user, opening the request(requestor) is member of the condition's group name:
$(anySoWith('status',lteq, 800) && _.request.requestedByUser.groups == 'REQUESTORS')
And the 'assignees' is either the user itself '1 ANY User: approver approver' or the group: '1 ANY Group: APPROVERS'.
In the two different policies.
Where the approver is member of the group, named in the 'Assignees' List.

In SC, login with 'requestor'.
In Home>Requests, open a request for 'Analog/Fax Line'.
Checkout and submit and hit ok on the confirmation popup.
And Due to the active policy, the request will get status 'Pending Approval'.

In SC, login 'approver'.
In Home>Requests, note that the 'Pending' counter is still 0(zero).
Where it should have been set to 1 now.

Back in SC for 'spadmin'.
In Home>Requests, check the 'pending' list. And this shows the newly created request.

It appears that nomatter what the policy is set for, the approver is set to 'spadmin'.