17.1.01 Dashboard Options checkbox SharedDashboard is greyed out

Document ID : KB000122214
Last Modified Date : 03/12/2018
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A Dashboard has been created in the SC-UI.
Edit an existing dashboard (hit the 'Options' button for the selected dashboard).
And the checkbox named 'Shared Dashboard' is greyed out.
Defect DE45751 has been created for this. To be worked on by our Engineering Team.
Depending on the results of the analysis, the solution for this is possibly to be expected as a patch or fix or a future release.
In other words, there is no permanent solution at this time.
The issue is currently being researched.
Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. 
Additional Information:
Repro scenario.
1. Start chrome browser
2. Login to the SC-UI with spadmin userid
3. On the landing page, select the dashboard named 'SharedTest'
4. In the right-hand-corner, click the '<<' icon
5. Hit the 'Options' button
>> The issue shows: The 'Shared Dashboard' checkbox is greyed out