11.5 Web Viewer AdmTool account is locked - how to reset

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Last Modified Date : 16/01/2019
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Message in log after attempting to change Web Viewer AdmTool credentials, cawv_umechpa3d is locked. SA can unlock it, Also message: Starting loop in DBException logging P=CADOCVWDBExceptionlogging S=, L=150, Threadid=8568 Ended loop.
OK now, but How to go about resetting these parameters?
Somehow the admin logon got locked out. HTML failure message. To logon as admin, the DB admin could not unlock but instead had to change the password. This allowed me to login to the admin tool as admin but web viewer was still not available. The OMLog had messages (P=USER_REQUEST, S=ERROR,ThreadId=2112) Tue Jan15 13:50:31 2019 Login failed for user ‘cawc.umechpa3d’. Open MDB Database failed in initialization(), Error#=-1, Why=Login failed for user ‘cawv_umechpa3d’. I asked the DB Admin to put the password back to the original and then web viewer was accessible but now receiving same Connection failed box when trying to login to Admin tools. Where is the disconnect, why isn’t the password being changed for web viewer app as well as admin tool?
The DVWeb AdminTool utility must be run "As Administrator" on 64bit operating systems AND 11.5 Web Viewer/IIS must be recycled for any Configure Server Settings changes to take effect.
Any time you run a 32bit utility (like the Web Viewer AdmTool or CCIPC Configurator) in a 64bit OP/SYS, you must run that utility "As Administrator" - meaning you right click the utility or its shortcut and select, "Run as administrator" from the menu. Doing this insures that any changes you make will be written to the 32bit section of that server's registry. This is vitally important because this is where Web Viewer will read the registry - it does not read from the 64bit section. That's the first half of the battle.  
     The second half is when does Web Viewer read those parameter/settings changes? The answer is only at start-up. That means you must recycle IIS (or the Web Viewer Application Pool) to have your changes picked up and be active even if they were successfully written to the 32bit section of your server's registry.
Additional Information:
     Does it make sense that this is how your Web Viewer Data Source/ODBC/SQL credentials got out of sync? That question begs another which is, how do you make sure that everything is now correct? Here is one suggestion:  
A resolution may be to log into the system 32 ODBC and update it there.  
Name: odbcad32.exe                                                               
Can also be under C:\Windows\System32